Pursuing fuel economy, joy, and utility

In addition to automobiles with innovative EARTH DREAMS TECHNOLOGY, Honda will create the ultimate motorcycle of the internal combustion era. This commitment to excellence can be seen in our development of a new engine for 125 cc scooters, which are used by a large number of customers worldwide, and in the New Mid series, which overturned existing stereotypes when it was announced at the Milan Motorcycle Show in Italy. We have also developed a low-cost, compact motorcycle with a comprehensive range of improvements including ease of use, fuel economy, driving performance, and durability for Africa, where the market is poised to expand in the future. Honda is striving to become No. 1 by providing high-performance, inexpensive products that customers worldwide want.

A motorcycle engine with dramatically improved fuel economy

Honda's approach is to contribute to lower CO2 emissions on the global scale by further increasing the fuel economy of the engines used in its global models. We announced a new engine for the 125 cc scooters that are loved by a large number of customers worldwide in September 2011. This next-generation engine delivers improved durability, quietness, and fuel economy. The Thai-produced Click125i began using the new engine in January 2012, and going forward we will bring it to various global scooter models.
We also announced three new models for middle-class consumers in the European market, which is characterized by a mature motorcycle culture, in November 2011. These models feature a newly developed midsize 700 cc engine and transmission. In addition to delivering robust torque performance during low- and medium-rpm operation, which characterizes most city riding and touring, the new engine provides best-in-class fuel economy of 27 kilometers per liter* or better, representing an improvement of 40 percent or more compared to sports models in the same class (according to Honda estimates).

*WMTC mode (European model, Honda estimate).

New 125 cc global engine, esp

New 700 cc engine

A motorcycle with superior environmental performance for everyday use

Perspective drawing of the NC700X

The New Mid Concept refers to the NC700X and two other models announced by Honda in Japan in February 2012. These midsize motorcycles offer a pleasant, distinctive riding experience along with exceptional fuel economy and ease of use in normal riding, including city riding and touring. As products, they give shape to Honda's philosophy of providing this type of motorcycle at an affordable price.
The engine features a broad range of innovations such as an ideal combustion shape and low-friction technologies in an effort to augment robust output performance during low- and medium-rpm operation with improved fuel economy borne of the pursuit of combustion efficiency. Thanks to these enhancements, which allow the engine to achieve 41.0 kilometers per liter (test figures recorded while driving at 60 kilometers per hour), we were able to shrink the fuel tank and move it underneath the seat, opening up space where the fuel tank used to be. By inclining the engine forward so that this space could be most effectively utilized, we created a luggage space capable of accommodating a full-face helmet. In applying fuel economy improvements to the shape of the motorcycle itself in this way, we are able to provide customers with a unique Honda product that combines not only power and fuel economy, but also a superior level of utility.

Bringing inexpensive, high-quality transportation to Africa

It is said that there are about 4.5 million drivers of motorcycle taxis known as okada in the African nation of Nigeria. okada, which are greatly appreciated by the region's residents, are used not only for commuting to work and school, but also for transporting merchandise. Honda's Ace CB125 was designed to offer a superior level of utility and ease of use when utilized as an okada. Designed to be a low-cost, compact motorcycle for emerging nations, this 125 cc model features exceptional ease of use, fuel economy, driving performance, and durability even as it leverages Honda's global network to further boost cost competiveness. Priced at about 100,000 naira (about ¥50,000*) to make it accessible to customers in emerging nations, the Ace, which was launched in September, has earned high praise for its quality, performance, suitability for use as an okada, and powerful engine.

* Calculated at 1 naira = about ¥0.5.

A billboard on a major road advertises the Ace CB125.

The Ace CB125 is extremely popular with okada riders.

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