Special Feature 2012 Striving to become No. 1 in fuel economy

Honda adopted an environmental vision based on “the Joy and Freedom of Mobility” and “a Sustainable Society Where People Can Enjoy Life” in 2011. To implement that vision, we are pursuing a policy of innovation and integration with regard to environmental and energy technologies. By working to improve the efficiency of internal comobustion engines, address innovative environmental technologies and the diversification of energy, accommodate renewable energy sources such as hydrogen and solar power, and integrate these initiatives with energy technologies, we are striving to eliminate greenhouse gases emitted from mobility-related activities and throughout our lives.
During fiscal 2012, Honda's business activities gave rise to a multitude of products that draw on innovative, advanced technologies from the standpoint of improving the efficiency of internal comobustion engines.
Today, with large numbers of people still using fossil fuels, Honda is endeavoring to make low-carbon lifestyles possible in communities worldwide by boosting the fuel economy of all its products—automobiles, motorcycles, and power products.

Product-based response scenarios for responses to climate change and energy issues

New, next-generation technologies as only Honda can develop

EARTH DREAMS TECHNOLOGY is the name we give to a series of new, next-generation automobile technologies that deliver an advanced mix of driving performance and fuel economy while pursuing Honda's unique brand of fun. Their exceptional environmental performance derives from the improved efficiency of internal combustion engines and transmissions as well as the evolution of motors and other electrically powered technologies. In addition to these innovations and advanced technologies, we have announced a variety of new technologies and products in the motorcycle segment, including a number of global engines and our New Mid series. Going forward, we will continue to strive to realize a sustainable society through Honda's uniquely sophisticated and creative approach, which is based on fun, the environment, and safety consciousness.

Honda will create the ultimate internal combustion engine.

EARTH DREAMS TECHNOLOGY, a series of innovative technologies

Pursuing fuel economy, joy, and utility

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