Safety Initiatives

Honda's approach to safety

In April 2013, Honda adopted “Safety for Everyone” as its global safety slogan in order to further the Honda Environmental and Safety Vision comprised of “Realizing the joy and freedom of mobility and a sustainable society where people can enjoy life.” To achieve these goals, we have identified three key components: 1) human; that is safety education; 2) vehicle technologies to ensure safety and 3) communication on safety information. We advance these concepts and at the same time step up collaboration between the three areas to realize a collision-free mobility society.

Honda's Approach to Safety

Honda Environmental and Safety Vision

Realizing the joy and freedom of mobility and a sustainable society where people can enjoy life

Honda's ultimate objective for safety

Realizing "a mobile society with zero collisions" through safe coexistence
Toward a safe coexistence that will enhance occupant safety while protecting other parties.

Honda Global Safety Slogan

Safety for Everyone
Honda dreams of a collision-free mobile society where our customers, and everyone sharing the road, can safely and confidently enjoy the freedom of mobility.
We are dedicated to identifying and implementing safety improvements through vehicle technologies, safety education and communication networks that can connect everyone sharing the road.

Honda's collision-free scenario

To achieve collision-free mobility society, Honda has devised what we call our “collision-free scenario.” To do this we combine a “passive safety” component (air bags, pedestrian test dummies, etc.) and an “active safety” component (technology to avoid hitting or being hit by other vehicles), and popularize these with as many customers as we can. We are taking the lead in anticipating collision before they happen; that is steering clear of risk before it can develop into an accident. Our goal is a collision-free mobility society.

Honda's zero collisions scenario

Safety Topics

This section showcases a list of commercialized safety technologies and major case study examples of safety initiatives from FY2014.

Third Party Evaluation

This section introduces a third party evaluation in FY2014 regarding the safety technologies of Honda.

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