Our stance on developing safety technologies

The fundamentals of safety technology development

Setting ambitious targets and developing advanced safety technology

Various safety standards for automobiles and motorcycles are in force worldwide. Proactively complying with the laws and regulations of each country and region and aiming to meet its own even higher standards, Honda strives continuously to enhance the safety performance of its products.

Honda believes that safety is a prerequisite of mobility. We're setting ambitious targets in the ongoing development of our advanced safety technology, optimizing the safety performance of all our products.

Pursuing safety at every stage

Working toward the objective of realizing Safety for Everyone, Honda is developing technologies and equipment in support of everything from traffic safety training to post-accident emergency technology. We're working on both active and passive safety initiatives for automobiles and motorcycles while also developing pre-crash safety technology for automobiles. With power products, our development of a wide range of products has been guided by our own Honda Power Products Safety Requirements.


The objective of active safety is to enhance traffic safety through the following measures: traffic safety education, accident prevention technology that helps the driver avoid dangerous situations, and hazard avoidance technology that helps the driver take preventive action in the face of imminent danger.


Passive safety is focused on minimizing the injuries and damage that may occur in the event of an accident. Initiatives are broadly divided into technology for minimizing injuries, which focuses on the protection of vehicle occupants and pedestrians at the moment of impact, and technology for minimizing post-accident danger, which focuses on limiting injuries and damage after an accident has occurred.


Pre-crash safety is a new approach to automobile safety technology that embraces both active and passive safety. Some Honda pre-crash safety technologies warn drivers of an unavoidable collision or risk of collision and activate brakes and seat belt pretensioners to help minimize injuries and vehicle damage.

Safety technologies for motorcycles and automobiles

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