Developing Safety Technologies

Honda's approach to safety

Safety for Everyone

Honda's commitment to Safety for Everyone is not limited to the needs of car drivers and motorcycle riders but rather extends to passengers, pedestrians, and occupants of all vehicles—in a word, to everyone on the road. We will continue to develop and refine its innovative technologies and work to equip our automobiles and motorcycles with the most advanced, effective safety technologies possible. Our goal is nothing less than the safety of all those who share the road in our mobile society.

Safety through technology and education

Honda's approach to safety

Aiming for Safety for Everyone, Honda is tackling safety issues from both product and educational perspectives. We're working to ensure that our vehicles deliver the best possible safety performance. We're also promoting safe driving skills and awareness among our customers and society at large. Honda has always been in the vanguard of safety, leveraging original intelligent systems to bring active safety technologies to market.

Honda was the first automaker in Japan to introduce many of the safety technologies used in today's cars, including threepoint seat belts, the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), SRS airbag system, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) and Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS).

Honda has always been a leader in developing both active and passive safety technologies, including car bodies designed to enhance occupant and pedestrian safety. As a leading motorcycle manufacturer, Honda has taken the initiative in introducing motorcycle airbag systems, the Combi Brake System (front-rear braking force distribution system), Combined ABS (front-rear braking force distribution ABS) and other advanced braking systems.

We will continue to pursue both product safety and traffic safety education, leveraging the synergistic benefits of both to contribute to a safer mobility society.

Our stance on developing safety technologies

Honda believes that safety is a prerequisite of mobility. We set ambitious targets in the ongoing development of our advanced safety technology in an effort to maximize the safety performance of all our products and provide Safety for Everyone.

Evolution and developing safety technologies

Honda is conducting proving tests in Japan, North America, and Europe related to the development of systems designed to alert drivers to potential safety issues.

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