Traffic Safety Education

Honda's approach to safety

Safety for Everyone

Honda's commitment to Safety for Everyone is not limited to the needs of car drivers and motorcycle riders but rather extends to passengers, pedestrians, and occupants of all vehicles—in a word, to everyone on the road. We will continue to develop and refine its innovative technologies and work to equip our automobiles and motorcycles with the most advanced, effective safety technologies possible. Our goal is nothing less than the safety of all those who share the road in our mobility society.

Safety through technology and education

Consistent with its overriding goal of Safety for Everyone, Honda is tackling safety issues from both technological and educational perspectives. We're working to ensure that our vehicles deliver the best possible safety performance, and we also promote safe driving skills and awareness among our customers and society at large.

Honda has also worked consistently to promote driving safety since establishing the Driving Safety Promotion Center in 1970. Our history in this area is one of many successes, and we have absolute confidence in the extent to which these programs have contributed to society.

We will continue to pursue both product safety and traffic safety education, leveraging the synergistic benefits of both to contribute to a safer mobility society.

Honda's approach to safety

Focusing on hands-on driving safety education

Based on its belief that safety comes about only by giving customers safe products and communicating knowledge and technologies for safe driving, Honda has worked to promote safe driving in order to help bring about a safer mobility society as parts of its corporate social responsibility program.

Japanese and overseas Traffic Education Centers as well as automobile, motorcycle, and power product dealerships lead the way in carrying out these efforts, focusing on passing on safety education from person to person and participatory, hands-on education held at related companies that lets students experience hazards in a safe environment.

We're also working to enhance and strengthen these activities based on changes in society's approach to transportation and the full range of customer needs so that they play a practical role for all transportation users.

Program and activities

This section introduces the systems and activities by which Honda promotes traffic safety nationwide.

Traffic safety initiatives worldwide

This section introduces Honda's promotion of driving safety in Japan and overseas during FY2012.

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