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Honda is involved in a variety of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities to fulfill its goal of being a company that society to exist by stakeholders worldwide. Honda makes CSR information available on this website and in the Honda CSR Report PDF edition. The latest comprehensive reporting of our activities is provided on the portal website while the PDF edition is an annual report published during the established reporting period. The report complies with the GRI* Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. It is our hope that the website and the Honda CSR Report 2012 PDF edition will facilitate a better understanding of Honda's CSR activities for all of our stakeholders.

*The Global Reporting Initiative is a joint project of the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies, a U.S. NPO, and the United Nations Environment Programme. Initiated in 1997, it issues guidelines for reporting on economic, environmental, and social performance by organizations.

Additional information

The following Honda CSR Report 2012 PDF edition and the websites provide more detailed information about the "Business Results," "Environmental Conservation Activities," "Driving Safety Promotion," and "Philanthropy Activities" sections of this report.

Honda Environmental Annual Report 2012/Environmental Initiatives Website

An outline of Honda's approach to environmental policy, including reports on future targets and the results of major initiatives in FY2012
Published in June 2012

Annual Report 2012/Investor Relations Website

An outline of business results, management strategy, and other aspects of Honda's operations in FY2012 Published in July 2012

Driving Safety Promotion Activities 2011/Traffic Safety Education Website

An outline of Honda's approach and major initiatives with respect to the promotion of driving safety in 2011.
Published in December 2011

Honda Philanthropy Website

A website outlining Honda's philanthropic philosophy and broad-based social initiatives.

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