Quality Innovation Center Tochigi

Quality Innovation Center Tochigi

This section uses automobiles as an example to describe the quality enhancement activities conducted by Quality Innovation Center Tochigi.

The Center brings together into a single facility all the organizational components necessary to pull together products quality data, analyze issues, consider countermeasures, and provide quick, precise feedback to development and production departments.

In particular, the colocation of quality and service departments facilitates effective analysis and countermeasures thanks to the ability to share information quickly.

Operations at Quality Innovation Center Tochigi

Quality enhancement operations at Quality Innovation Center Tochigi consist of pulling together market quality data and sharing information about collected parts and market quality issues. Personnel analyze such parts, investigate causes, and develop countermeasures and improvements in a timely manner.

Specialized teams with extensive product knowledge are able to obtain detailed data using a range of analytical equipment. The operational process is configured to facilitate objective, appropriate decision-making based on gathered data.

Quality improvement operational process

Analysis in partnership with overseas entities

Overseas production plants play a central role in conducting the same type of quality enhancement activities as Quality Innovation Center Tochigi.

When plants encounter a particularly difficult market quality issue and request assistance, the Center investigates and analyzes the issue and then reports the results back to the overseas facility.

Working with automotive production plants

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