Handling quality issues

Recall system and other measures

When we determine that product issue requires action, we quickly report the issue to governmental authorities in accordance with individual countries' regulations and contact owners by means of direct mail from dealers or by telephone to provide information about how they can receive free repairs. Associated information is also provided on Honda's website and through the news media as necessary.

A Global Quality Committee is quickly convened in accordance with Honda global rules, and decisions concerning market measures are made by its chairperson in consultation with overseas members including experts from departments involved with quality issues who are capable of making objective decisions.

Compliance with Japan's Consumer Products Safety Law

The Consumer Products Safety Law was amended in May 2007 to more strongly protect consumers from defects that could be life-threatening or cause personal injury. The amendment brought into force new regulations governing the manufacture and sale of certain goods. It mandates the compilation and publication of information relating to accidents associated with products and other measures designed to protect the rights of consumers. It also compels manufacturers and importers of specified products to report any serious accidents to Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. As a manufacturer offering consumer goods for sale, Honda is, of course, in full compliance with this law, gathering information via our own systems, which were established to help ensure the safety of our customers, and submitting reports to the designated authorities in a timely and precise manner, as required.

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