Quality management education

Implementing quality management education

In Japan, Honda offers a training curriculum divided into four courses according to in-house qualifications and the extent of individual workers' quality control responsibilities in order to improve associates' quality assurance skills.

The Honda QC Basic Course (HBC), which was first offered in 1971, provides an example of how Honda is working to train its personnel to be leaders in improving quality, for example by opening the course to suppliers in addition to associates. Similar curricula for providing necessary training have been put in place at overseas production facilities.

The following diagram indicates the objective, duration, and number of trainees for each fiscal 2014 course:

Overseas quality control training

Honda Basic Course Flow

Quality control education objectives and number of participating trainees

Objective Period No. of FY2014 trainees
QC Junior (QCJ) Course Students study how to put into practice the basic approach and methods (in the form of quality control techniques) for satisfying customers by manufacturing better products faster and more reasonable, and providing better service. Total of 1 day 237 participants
QC Foreman (QCF) Course (Intermediate) Students study how to put into practice the quality control techniques and approaches needed in quality assurance activities in manufacturing. Total of 2 days 440 participants
QC Foreman (QCF) Course (Advanced) Students study how to put into practice the expert techniques and approaches needed to work in quality-related operations. Total of 3 days 53 participants
Honda QC Basic Course (HBC) Students become quality control experts capable of resolving difficult problems and achieving tasks by studying the approaches and techniques of statistical quality control (SQC*) Total of 22 days 54 participants

* SQC: Statistical Quality Control is a general term to describe statistical concepts and scientific methods.

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