Human rights and environmental considerations

Initiatives regarding the issue of conflict minerals

Honda has been making a survey of suppliers about usage situation of conflict materials.
We take appropriate measures in cooperation with our business partners concerning conflict materials.
Honda seeks the cooperation of its business partners in this regard, asking them to make the same level of effort regarding the issue of conflict minerals.
Please see the below about Honda's efforts of conflict materials.

Procuring environmentally responsible materials and parts

Striving to build a low-carbon global supply chain

Honda is committed to various environmental activities aimed at realizing business activities all over the world for promoting symbiosis and co-prosperity with local communities in order to further evolve QCDDE exceeding customers' expectations.
In accordance with this mission, we share the Honda Green Purchasing Guidelines with suppliers worldwide, in an effort to realize low-carbon societies by monitoring and reducing environmental impacts across our global supply chain. To realize this low-carbon global supply chain, we have created an Environmental Grand Design, for which we are taking the following three steps with suppliers:

  1. Disseminating Honda's environmental initiatives
  2. Promoting the preparation to manage greenhousegas emissions reduction
  3. Reducing greenhousegas emissions

Meanwhile, to comply with the laws and regulations in each country on the use of hazardous chemical substances, we have published our own standards on chemical substancemanagement in Honda products and ask all parts suppliers to abide by them.

Measures concerning Pickup Transportation

Honda procures many of the parts that make up its products from suppliers.
Previously, suppliers transported parts and delivered them to each Honda production facility, but Honda has initiated pickup transportation to increase transport efficiency by handling transportation itself and picking up the parts from suppliers nationwide.

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