Message from the President and CEO

Honda will continue with its strategy to deliver joy around the world. Takanobu Ito President, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director

Aiming to become a true global company

“Bring joy to everyone. Be useful to everyone.” It is with these strong ambitions that Soichiro Honda founded the company in 1948. Since then, as Honda has built up its three business segments of motorcycles, automobiles, and power products all over the world, we have kept these ambitions at our core.
Although our dedication to these ambitions is universal, and has remained unchanged since the founding of the company, the makeup of the world economy has changed in the period post-Lehman shock, with customer expectations in different regions becoming increasingly divergent; Honda must respond by working to fully understand these expectations, and then addressing them with speed and agility. In 2010, we set out our 2020 vision of “providing customers good products with speed, affordability, and low CO2 emissions,” and have since been engaged in activities geared towards realizing this vision.
For example, in April of 2014 we carried out a significant organizational restructuring. Where Japan had previously been placed at the center of our global operations planning, we created a new Japan Headquarters, separate from the global operations departments, to clarify and separate the different roles and responsibilities of our Japanese business from our overall global operations.
As a result, it is hoped that each of our seven global regions* will be able to fulfil its remits beyond current levels, while at the same time maximizing Honda's total strength through the seven regions coming together to coordinate, leading to faster response to customers' needs. We believe that this is the way a true global company should be.

* (The seven global regions in which we operate consist of Japan, North America, South America, Europe, China, Asia/Pacific, and Africa/Middle East)

Working to address our Key Issues

We work with the four key issues of the environment, safety, product quality, and society.
Within these four issues, we have taken the environment and safety to be our most important areas, and have set out the 'Honda Environmental and Safety Vision' as “Realizing the joy and freedom of mobility and a sustainable society where people can enjoy life.'' With regards to the environment, we are monitoring our operational environmental impact, and pushing forward with concrete policies based around our plan for reducing CO2 emissions. In 2013, a study was conducted on the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) Global 500,* in which Honda scored the highest among Japanese companies.
Subsequently, we were selected as one of twelve global leaders for climate change disclosure and performance. Furthermore, with the winning of the 'Commendation for Preventative Measures against Global Warming by the Minister for the Environment' by the Yorii Plant at our Saitama Factory, we have gratefully received recognition both nationally and internationally for our environmental efforts.

* Global 500: The largest 500 companies by market capitalization included in the FTSE Global Equity Index Series

We believe that, in order to keep reducing our environmental impact, improvements in our products' energy efficiency will become increasingly important. Therefore, with our target, entitled “2020 global CO2 emissions reduction targets for products,” of a 30% CO2 reduction for all motorcycles, automobiles, and power products' usage emissions compared to levels in the year 2000, we have adopted the slogan of ““Continuation and evolution” towards realizing our environmental and safety vision” for the next three year period starting in 2014. We will continue to strengthen the linkage between the management and execution of our environmental measures and our global strategy, in order to realize the Honda environmental and safety vision.
For our safety related activities, we adopted the slogan “Safety for Everyone” in April 2014. Embodying this concept are the three pillars of 'people' - safety educators, 'technology' - the mechanics of safety, and 'communication' - safety information. In order to work towards the safety of everybody who is part of the mobility society, we have vigorously engaged in the likes of industry pioneering safe driving practices, and numerous examples of groundbreaking safety technology. We strive for a collision-free mobile society, with these three pillars working in unison towards an overall evolution towards such a goal.
Addressing our key issue of product quality is crucial for Honda to earn and retain trust. As we increase localization of manufacturing and global procurement of parts, we will deliver high quality products and services to satisfy customers worldwide - a level of quality attained through the fusion of all of our development, manufacturing, and procurement capabilities.

Aiming to be “a company society wants to exist”

The Honda Philosophy is made up of our fundamental beliefs, the Honda company principle, and Honda management policies . Using this philosophy as a base, we have been engaged in CSR activities centered on our key issues.
One of the fundamental concepts of the Honda Philosophy is 'respect for the individual.' The concept comprises of the three pillars of 'Initiative,' 'Equality,' and 'Trust,' with the thinking that all people can fulfil their potential and share joy by respecting each other's differences, treating each other equally, and trusting one another. The source of Honda's competitive strength is in its people. Based on the principle of 'respect for the individual,' we will continue to nurture and utilize a wealth of talented people from all over the world.
While, up until now, we have engaged in many initiatives (not only in human resources) born out of our Philosophy through the likes of Honda company principle and Honda management policies , we understand that society's expectations of Honda are shifting towards a long term, sustainability focused perspective. In response to these changes, for the three year period starting in 2014, we will take on the highest caliber ESG (Environment, Society, and Governance) activities, to ensure that Honda continues to be a sustainable business.
By responding to such change with speed and flexibility in this way and by continuing to put forward products of visionary and progressive value, we aim to forge mutually joyous relationships with everyone involved in our business operations, and thus remain “a company society wants to exist.”

Takanobu Ito
President, Chief Executive Officer and
Representative Director
June 2014

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