CSR History Striving for everyone's safety 40th anniversary of the Driving Safety Promotion Center

Celebrating 40 years since the creation of the Driving Safety Promotion Center

With the number of automobiles on the road surpassing 19 million and continuing to grow and the nation’s network of expressways under construction, Japan entered the era of motorization in earnest in 1970. The number of traffic accident fatalities reached a record of 16,765, and a number of safety-related corporate indictments sent shock waves through the country. However, prior to the heightened attention to safety, Honda had already come to the conclusion that it was necessary to promote safe driving and established the world’s first Safety Driving Training Center as an educational institute in Suzuka. As the social responsibility of an automaker, Honda created the Driving Safety Promotion Center, the first organization of its kind in the industry, in October 1970 to promote safe driving nationwide. The Center celebrated the 40th anniversary of its continued efforts in 2010. In addition to Honda’s strong commitment to safety, this section introduces the history of the company’s activities in this area, which have been based on two fundamental approaches: passing on safety education from person to person, which keeps the focus on people, and participatory, hands-on education, which lets students experience hazards safely.

Honda's commitment to safe driving Bringing safe driving to an ever-larger community Forty years of safety promotion activities

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