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Since the size of corporate activities and their impact on society is so vast, there is a growing interest on how approaches to worldwide social responsibility will be implemented in the 21st century on issues such as global warming that is representative of environmental issues, changes to the markets in the global era and rapid advances in information technology.

Even before that, Honda has been pursuing initiatives in its own way to fulfill its responsibilities as a corporate citizen. The ideal of our founder Soichiro Honda of “Fulfilling social responsibilities is an obvious goal as a company. …It is my hope that Honda will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities and that all employees will also complete their own responsibilities as a member of society.” exists as the root and the pillar of all our activities.

As well as introduce our contributions to society through our products and technology, we will introduce some annual milestones of our widespread activities as they represent the founder's ideals of “being a company” that works toward the sustainable development of society and provide joy for the next generation.

Technology is for people Bringing ASIMO technology to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Honda has been conducting robot research for more than a quarter of a century. This section introduces the thinking of some of our developers as well as the current state of Honda Robotics as we accelerate an effort to embrace new challenges in the aftermath of the recent earthquake.
History of the development of safety technologies at Honda As a company that creates products to which people entrust their lives, Honda puts customer safety first. This approach reflects Honda founder Soichiro Honda's beliefs concerning safety. This section introduces the history of Honda's research into safety, which has remained true to the founder's philosophy while generating numerous proprietary Honda technologies that are the first of their kind in the world.

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