Risk Management

Streamlining the risk management structure

Honda promotes the management of risk that requires corporate-wide attention in line with the Corporate Crisis Management Policy and Honda Risk Management Rules.
In order to further reinforce our risk management structure, we established the Risk Management Committee to handle all types of risk, ranging from natural disasters to the risk inherent in business. In addition, we solidified our structure to enable more effective identification of risk and necessary countermeasures that became apparent after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Thus, we thoroughly revised the Honda Crisis Response Rules and renamed it the Honda Risk Management Rules.

Furthermore, we formulated a Business Continuity Policy (BCP) with the objective of ensuring continuity of operations throughout the Honda Group in times of crisis.
In addition, activities for identifying key risks within each region and operations segment using risk templates were introduced in October 2013. Global-oriented key risk identification activities were commenced with a goal to firmly establish them by the end of FY2017.

Honda Risk Management Rules

Information management

To ensure ample protection of the personal information of our customers and employees, and the proper handling of sensitive company information, we established the Confidential Information Management Committee for our offices and major subsidiaries in Japan. A director is assigned as the committee representative responsible for sensitive information management throughout the year.
During FY2014, efforts were made to bolster information management further, for example by building upon the Honda Security Policy(HSP)-Honda's information management rules-to create a Global Confidentiality Policy(GCP) that will ensure a consistently high standard of information management worldwide.

Global Confidentialy Policy(GCP)

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