Honda has established various mechanisms to ensure compliance is practiced within the organization. These mechanisms include a Compliance Committee, a Business Ethics Improvement Proposal Line, and the appointment of a Compliance Officer to advance compliance-related activities.

Honda Conduct Guideline

The Honda Conduct Guideline is a set of action guidelines that are shared throughout the Honda Group worldwide. In following these guidelines, we pursue locally oriented business activities worldwide through the autonomous actions of all Honda associates.

Honda Conduct Guideline

The Compliance Committee

This committee, led by a Compliance Officer appointed as the Compliance Committee Chairperson, consists of Directors and Operating Officers appointed by the Executive Council. The Committee supervises whether the Business Ethics Improvement Proposal Line is properly operated, for example, how improvement suggestions received by the Business Ethics Improvement Proposal Line are being handled. The Committee also examines issues in regard to compliance policy and compliance enhancement.

Business Ethics Improvement Proposal Line

The Business Ethics Improvement Proposal Line is designed to facilitate the improvement of Business Ethics. When there is a case of behavior in the workplace violating any laws, regulations, or internal rules where associates would find it difficult to discuss the issue with their superiors, or where it would be difficult to resolve the issue there and then in the workplace, the line accepts proposals /provides consultation from a fair and neutral standpoint.Consulting employees are protected to ensure that they are not treated in a detrimental manner, and employees can make active proposals using their real names or proposals anonymously.

Bribery Prevention Actions

Honda has established the Honda Policy on the Prevention of Bribery, which sets a basic policy of efforts by the Honda group to prevent bribery, and the Honda Guideline for the Prevention of Bribery, which sets forth requirements and restrictions. The bribery prevention system is further strengthened through internal training and other measures.

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