Initiatives for occupational health and safety

Honda's approach to occupational health and safety

"No safety, no production": that's Honda's policy. Respect for the individual is one of the basic tenets of the Honda philosophy. Along with workplace safety and traffic safety, Honda considers ensuring the mental and physical health of associates to be one of its most important responsibilities. Besides making these views explicit in its basic policy on occupational health and safety, Honda engages in initiatives designed to ensure that its workplaces are among the safest and most comfortable in the industry.

Creating safer workplaces

In addition to implementing an Occupational Health and Safety Management System to help prevent occupational accidents, Honda is involved in activities including practicing risk assessment, enhancing health and safety education, and raising associates' safety awareness. These activities, which are carried out in accordance with our policy of putting in place a safety culture by raising awareness and establishing technologies to enhance safety, focus on measures to reassess and spread new awareness of basic safe conduct, strengthen activities conceived to lower work risks, aggressively prevent recurrence of serious accidents and develop associated mechanisms, and develop the habit of lowering risk through training and classes. By revitalizing a program of thoughtful suggestions to address near-misses in a way that increases individual associates' safety consciousness, particularly by reviewing basic safe conduct with regard to accidents resembling those that occur in everyday life, which increased in 2011, we were able to cut the number of such accidents in half from the previous year. During FY2014, we will continue to implement activities to prevent accidents and strengthen the company's safety functions by reviewing its tripartite approach* and enhancing educational offerings.

* Tripartite approach: Consists of safety management structures with disciplinary, rule-making, and administrative roles.

Incidence of industrial accidents (overall incidence, work stoppage incidence)

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