Initiatives for occupational health and safety

Honda's approach to occupational health and safety

"No safety, no production": as a company that holds respect for the individual as one of the basic tenets of its philosophy, Honda considers the mental and physical health of associates to be one of its most important responsibilities, alongside workplace and traffic safety. Besides making these views explicit in our basic policy on occupational health and safety, Honda engages in initiatives designed to ensure that its workplaces are among the safest and most comfortable in the industry.

Creating safer workplaces

In addition to implementing an Occupational Health and Safety Management System to help prevent occupational accidents, Honda is involved in continuous activities including risk assessment practice, enhancing health and safety education, and raising associates' safety awareness. These activities are carried out in accordance with our policy of nurturing a safety-first culture and building organizational infrastructure to instill safety assurance as part of our corporate foundations. They focus on measures geared towards: building up safety support systems for global operations;sales, production, development, purchase, management and so on instigating area-specific initiatives aimed at totally eliminating industrial accidents; standardizing fire prevention management systems; totally eliminating traffic accidents through strengthening of safe driving management and thorough implementation of awareness-raising activities; and strengthening self-implementation of health promotion and preventive activities. With sights set on realizing Honda's 2020 vision of being a company that society wants to exist by delivering worldwide satisfaction, we are taking steps to build safety support systems for global operations. During FY2015, a period in which we must firmly entrench last year's measures for strengthening safety functions, we will work to ensure stable implementation of our tripartite approach* and deploy activities to prevent industrial accidents.

* Tripartite approach: Consists of safety management structures with disciplinary, rule-making, and administrative roles.

Incidence of industrial accidents in Japan(overall incidence, work stoppage incidence)

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