Communication with labor unions

Honda values effective communication with associates and strives to bring their views to bear on a broad range of personnel policy.

Building good labor relations

Honda and the Honda Motor Workers' Union have enjoyed cordial, mutually supportive relations, engaging regularly in frank exchanges on key issues such as employment security, working conditions, occupational health and safety, and production and sales activities at group negotiations, labor-management committee meetings, and other venues.

Both the company and union respect differences in each other's perspectives and approaches, and strive to maintain a strong labor-management relationship so that sustained company growth and improved working conditions can be simultaneously achieved through mutual trust.

Associate awareness survey

Once every three years, Honda conducts an associate awareness survey to solicit worker feedback for building a healthier work environment. The surveys include a variety of questions designed to gauge associate views on organizational culture, the company's personnel system, and management. Associate awareness survey, which is conducted once every three years, was carried out in March 2013. Survey results are fed back to associates through in-house publications and are also incorporated into HR-related initiatives, such as management training and changes to the personnel system.

Awareness survey results distributed to associates in 2013 (left)
Management guide incorporating issues raised by the associate awareness survey (right)

Associate awareness survey (Level of satisfaction:Working at Honda)

Level of satisfaction FY2011 FY2014
All 80.8% 80.0%
Male 81.0% 80.2%
Female 79.5% 77.9%
Percentage of respondents for all employees 95.1% 94.3%

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