Keeping everyone healthy

Approach to associate health

Honda has embraced a policy of helping associates lead healthy, well-balanced lives.

As a company, we work to discover health problems early on through medical checkups and to treat them appropriately. Associates whose checkup indicates a health issue are given individual guidance and counseling.

For their part, associates strive continuously to adopt healthy lifestyle habits by paying close attention to their own physical and emotional health and actively taking advantage of opportunities to exercise and improve their health.

Medical checkups

Honda has implemented a program of medical checkups for new hires, regular checkups, and special checkups as required by law. In addition, we offer government-designated checkups for VDT workers and other checkups as needed. We began offering targeted checkups to individuals judged to be at risk for adult-onset diseases in 2008, and in 2009 we added targeted health guidance in an effort to bring these services to 100% of at-risk individuals.

Mental health initiatives

Honda has implemented a number of companywide policies designed to foster associates' mental health through rules that address the prevention of mental health problems and improvement of individual motivation, their early discovery and appropriate treatment, and support for associates returning to work after a mental health-related leave of absence.

The company, its associates, and its managers all play a role in helping to create an environment where all associates can take pride in their work, approach their jobs with enthusiasm and passion, and maintain an energetic outlook by valuing individual diversity and communication.

In October 2009, we distributed leaflets and pamphlets to associates in an effort to help create a work environment conducive to both physical and mental health.

Leaflets and pamphlets distributed to associates

Mental health initiatives

Preventing muscoskeletal disorders*

Honda is incorporating the perspective of ergonomics into the creation of work environments in line with its concept of people-friendly production processes. Under this approach, worker movements are analyzed and improvements made in order to ensure optimal work position and scope. We're also working to reduce the burden imposed on associates by physically intense labor, for example by installing assistive devices and auxiliary lifts for work that involves lifting heavy objects. We're also undertaking new improvement activities by adopting new analytical techniques to identify areas where further improvements can be made and having site personnel study them at in-house classes and through other means.

* Injuries to the nerves and muscles of the neck, back, arms, and legs as well as surrounding tissues due to simple, repetitive tasks or work that imposes too great a physical burden on the body

Class held at the Tochigi Factory

Total Health Promotion Plan(THP)

In 1988, as part of a health and welfare program designed to help associates enjoy healthy and satisfying lives, Honda established a THP Committee and formulated a Total Health Promotion Plan offering ongoing, systematic support to encourage associates to maintain and improve their health. Consisting of a series of companywide policies based on raising awareness and motivating associates to take the initiative to live healthily, the plan encourages associates to prevent adult-onset diseases, track their physical fitness, participate in "Try Walk" events, and quit smoking. We also offer instruction in exercise and nutrition and related training programs and are currently working to improve exercise habits, increase physical fitness, and enrich no-smoking activities in response to the aging of society.

Guidance for preventing adult-onset diseases

Honda offers guidance in how to prevent adult-onset diseases based on the results of associates' regular medical checkups. We began offering targeted health guidance in April 2009, with at-risk associates receiving health guidance that encourages them to improve their life rhythm, nutrition guidance that proposes improvements in diet, and exercise instruction that proposes a daily exercise regimen.

Holding physical fitness measurement sessions, “Try Walk,” and other events to improve exercise habits

Honda holds a walking event conceived to spur associates to develop good exercise habits and actively pursues associated initiatives. We also hold events such as physical fitness measurement sessions and exercise courses on an ongoing basis to give associates an opportunity to review their own physical fitness and health.

A walking event for associates at the Saitama Factory and their families

Measuring associates' physical fitness

No-smoking activities

In 2011, we shifted the focus of these activities from the segregation of smoking to its prohibition and are working to achieve the companywide goals of eliminating the dangers of second-hand smoke and dramatically reducing the percentage of associates who smoke. We are also strengthening educational activities, for example by hosting information exchanges with other companies on measures to prohibit smoking and holding educational events to coincide with World No Tobacco Day.

Educational event on World No Tobacco Day

Information exchange with other companies

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