Promoting diversity

Rooted in our basic principle of Respect for the Individual, as part of the Honda Philosophy, Honda maintains an environment in which members of a diverse workforce can make the most of their abilities, while recognizing and respecting individual differences. Honda defines the promotion of diversity in this way, and we have been working on a series of ongoing, companywide initiatives since 2007.

Expanding opportunity for participation by women

Honda has been pursuing awareness-raising activities, through the likes of company magazines, lectures, and training sessions, since a 2008 decision to focus on expanding opportunities for participation by women, as a way of strengthening initiatives to benefit from diversity.

Percentage of women in the Honda workplace: FY2014
Cross-section of the organization Proportion
Entire workforce 6.66%
All management positions 0.43%
Assistant manager positions 1.98%
Director, Operating Officer positions 0.00%

(March 2014 data)

※From June 2014, a female director will be assigned

Offering a Career Support Program as a major awareness-raising activity

Honda launched its Career Support Program, which enhances two-way communication with supervisors for young and mid-level female associates, in October 2009. We also held career development training for both female associates and their supervisors in order to encourage opportunities for discussing career plans and goals from a career development perspective. In 2010, we augmented this and other training with career consultation meetings to accommodate individual conversations about female associates' career development as part of a larger effort to provide opportunities for increasing awareness of career development and to help associates realize their career plans.

Employment of people with disabilities

Honda provides jobs to people with disabilities at its facilities in Japan in an effort to expand their employment opportunities. We also offer employment at affiliates Honda Sun co., ltd., Honda Sun R&D co., ltd., and Kibounosato Honda co.,ltd.. We strive to create an environment that allows associates with and without disabilities to work alongside one another, while also making adaptations to ensure that workplaces and opportunities are fully accessible.

As a result of these efforts, in 2013 Honda Sun co., ltd. earned the FY2014 Health, Labour and Welfare Minister's Award for Outstanding Employer of People With Disabilities. Employment of individuals with disabilities* at Honda group companies in Japan in FY2014 stands at some 2.27%, or 1,084 individuals, well above the legally mandated level of 2.0%.

Designated affiliates/Employment of individuals with disabilities

Rehiring retirees

In view of dwindling birth rates, the need to reinforce the social insurance system in Japan, and the importance of passing on the technical expertise required to maintain a functioning workplace, Honda introduced a series of policies in April 2003 to create opportunities for those associates who reach the retirement age of 60. Our proactive approach preceded the introduction of laws governing the employment of retired individuals.

Honda instituted changes in April 2010 to create a new re-employment program designed in principle to offer re-employment to all interested associates until the age of 65 in operations that utilize each individual's specialized knowledge; a move that ensures that associates can live their post-60 lives with peace of mind, in an environment where they can make the most of the skills they have gained over a lifetime. About 60% of all associates faced with mandatory retirement at age 60 have expressed an interest in re-employment, which allows them to draw on their extensive experience and specialized knowledge to contribute actively in a variety of workplaces throughout the company.

Re-employment of retires

*Number of retirees who were re-employed in the relevant fiscal year.

Global employment

With our business becoming increasingly globalized, we are working to diversify our human resources in an aim to raise the comprehensive strength of our global workforce.
As part of this effort, we started a global employment program where some of the new graduates who join our company are hired directly from overseas labor markets. By creating a work environment where the knowledge and values of diverse people are mutually recognized and respected, we aim to increase our flexibility, agility, and creativity as a company.

Number of global hires
Year of entry No. of people
FY2014 15
FY2015 (planned) 15

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