Fundamental personnel policy

Honda is proud of the spirit of independence, fairness, and trust that emerges from our Management policy of respect for the individual. We believe this spirit should permeate all our relationships, not only with those in the Honda Group, but also everyone in all companies with which we do business. And as a corporation with global operations, we respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international standards.
Honda also believes that human beings are born to think, create, and express their individuality, thus realizing their hopes and dreams. We strive to attract individuals who share this belief and who will respect one another's individuality. We seek to foster an atmosphere of mutual trust and fairness in which our associates are able to realize their potential and share in the joy of creating new value for society. Our goal is to maintain organizational structures and personnel policies in areas such as recruitment, training, evaluation, and assignments that foster a free and open atmosphere, encouraging each associate to face new challenges and achieve new successes. We seek to create an environment in which each person's ambitions, abilities, and potential can be fully developed.

Three principles of personnel management

1. Respecting independence

Honda expects associates to express their individuality and independence. As our founder said, "He who knows best should speak up, and he who can do best should act." In that spirit, today's associates are encouraged to think for themselves, take action, and accept responsibility. As reflected in our qualification system where associates interested in earning new qualifications volunteer to take on that challenge, and our two-way communication that allows associates to assert a vision for their own future professional development, the independence and ambitions of individual associates are accorded respect in all things.

2. Ensuring fairness

Honda offers a simple compensation system with the same fair rewards for anyone with similar abilities handling similar work with similar results, without regard for race, nationality, or gender. This system makes no distinction on the basis of educational associations or career history and objectively assesses each person's individual strengths and aptitude. Honda is careful to handle appointments and personnel deployment issues fairly and in a manner appropriate to the individual's abilities and aptitude.

3. Fostering mutual trust

Honda believes that the building of the foundation of trust that binds the company to its employees and employees to one another starts with tolerance and mutual respect.

The Three Human Resources Principles of Honda

Associate Relations Policies

To put these Three Principles into practice, Honda has established the following Associate Relations Policies:

1. Respecting individual human rights.

  • We accept the individual characteristics and differences of our associates and respect their willingness and initiative.
  • We will always respect each individual's basic human rights and will not allow forced labor or child labor.

2. No discriminations

  • Based on the principle that all human beings should have equal employment opportunities, we will strive to create opportunities for free and fair competition.
  • We will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any form in the workplace on base of an individual's race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, or gender, among other characteristics.

3. Complying with laws and ordinances.

  • We will respect the social norms, customs and culture of each country.
  • We will comply with the laws, regulations and ordinances enacted in each country and region.

4. Creating an environment of free, open-minded dialogue.

  • The associates and the company will respect each other's views and endeavor to promote mutual understanding. Maintaining a relationship of mutual trust, the associates and the company will make every effort to engage in sincere discussions about any issues that might arise or exist.
  • Respecting freedom of association, will or will not, and collective bargaining, the company will attempt to resolve any and all issues in line with the laws, conventions and usages of each respective country and region.

5. Maintaining a working environment where each associate can work with a sense of security.

  • The company will provide a safe and healthy workplace where all associates can concentrate on work with a sense of security.

Promoting diversity

Honda pursues initiatives to promote diversity based on the principle of Respect for the Individual, part of the Honda Philosophy.

Building healthy working environments

Honda seeks to create a healthy working environment so that associates can make the most of their abilities.

Communication with labor unions

To maintain good labor relations, Honda works to build on mutual trust and diligence while respecting differences in perspective and approach.

Developing abilities and human resources

Honda fosters the development of associates' abilities through such means as on-the-job training, off-the-job training, two-way communication, NH Circle activities, and improving suggestion system.

Initiatives for occupational health and safety

In keeping with Honda's Fundamental briefs of respect for the individual, ensuring associates' physical and mental health is one of the company's most important responsibilities.

Keeping everyone healthy

In keeping with its policy of helping associates enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle, Honda provides a range of information sources and opportunities for associates to get and stay healthy.

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