Enhancing customer satisfaction

Conducting customer satisfaction surveys

Aiming to establish lifelong relationships with satisfied customers, Honda takes a proactive approach to conducting customer satisfaction surveys in all product segments: motorcycles, automobiles, and power products. Carefully analyzed survey results are fed back to the departments involved and dealerships in the form of practical suggestions for improvement and put to use in day-to-day activities.

In Honda's overseas automobile operations, for example, survey results are used to compile a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) for each product and region. In Japan, an initial questionnaire is distributed to purchasers of new automobiles, and, since FY2004, a questionnaire has also been distributed to purchasers of pre-owned automobiles. In FY2008, a survey was introduced to query customers whose automobiles will soon be due for the periodic automobile inspection required by the Japanese government.

Earning a No. 1 rank in customer satisfaction surveys around the world

In its overseas automobile business, Honda's activities focus on the "3Ps" in order to meet diverse customer expectations.

These initiatives involve increasing the quality of service provided to customers by looking at things from the customer's point of view and identifying and resolving local issues in each of the three points of contact between Honda and its customers: "Premises/Process," "People," and "Product."

Customer satisfaction initiatives and the 3Ps

We have pursued these activities in earnest for several years at sites worldwide, with the result that service quality has improved measurably.
Going forward, we will not rest on these laurels, but will rather further enhance our activities in an effort to continue to inspire customer joy worldwide, by, for example, introducing new surveys that focus on the satisfaction of individual customers and accelerating the global application of activities to emerging nations. In this way, we will strive to delight customers worldwide by providing services that exceed their expectations.

Customer Relations Center

The Customer Relations Center has a very straightforward slogan: "For the customer." Its mission is to handle inquiries from Honda customers politely, clearly, and quickly, delivering the same high quality in Honda communications as is found in Honda products. The Center also responds to survey requests from the Japanese government and inquiries from consumer advocacy organizations.

The Center receives feedback in the form of customer questions, suggestions, requests and complaints 365 days a year, and during FY2014 it processed 258,196 inquiries. To ensure that this valuable information is put to good use in Honda's operations, the facility shares it in a timely manner with the company's R&D, manufacturing, service, and sales departments in compliance with laws and regulations as well as Honda's own policies concerning the handling of personal information.

Sharing customer feedback among departments

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