Honda's approach to customer satisfaction

In accordance with the Honda philosophy of respect for the individual and the Three Joys of buying, selling, and creating, Honda has always worked closely with its dealerships to maximize customer satisfaction. Every step of the way, from purchase to after-sales service, dealerships work together with Honda to earn and maintain the trust of customers.

Systems and objectives designed to enhance worldwide customer satisfaction

In order to "Provide good products to our customers with speed, affordability and low CO2 emissions." as stated in Honda's 2020 vision, the Customer Service Operations is striving to realize optimal service operations in markets worldwide to pursue the priority goal of creating and expanding customer joy worldwide through service. In order to achieve this, we set our goals to be the undisputed No. 1 in customer satisfaction.

"Undisputed no. 1 in customer satisfaction" refers to the creation of customer joy and excitement by providing a level of value that not only satisfies the expectations that customers have when they receive services based on their past experiences and information, but also exceeds them. The experience of excitement through these services forges an emotional connection between customers and Honda, ensuring that the company remains a mobility manufacturer that customers choose based on their high expectations.

To attain this goal, services and parts divisions have adopted an activity policy of offering service in a friendly, timely, reliable, affordable, and convenient manner; developing an advanced service environment; and maximizing business efficiency and expanding business operations. They are also focused on creating an environment allowing regional dealers—Honda's point of contact with customers—to address customer satisfaction enhancement more effectively and efficiently.

The Role of Customer Service Operations

Enhancing customer satisfaction

Honda is pursuing measures in every product segment to provide lifelong satisfaction to as many customers as possible.

Implementing customer satisfaction

In all of our areas - motorcycles, automobiles, and power products - Honda is involved with a variety of initiatives to improve customer.

Maintenance support initiatives

In an effort to provide more extensive maintenance support, we are working to develop support tools and to foster the development of experts at overseas subsidiaries.

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