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Argentina: United in case of catastrophesEducation

Honda Motor de Argentina S.A. has begun providing support to schools in isolated areas that suffer greatly from flood and other natural disasters. From 2013, we have been donating learning materials and equipment to isolated schools in La Plata, the capital of Buenos Aires Province, that have been affected by flood. We will continue to provide this support to enable children to have an education and a dignified childhood so they can grow toward a better future.

Support Activities of Honda Motor de Argentina

Brazil: Holding a junior orchestra in ParaisópolisEducation

Honda South America has held a music-related project in Paraisópolis, the second-largest favela (shanty town) in São Paulo, since March 2011. The project aims to teach young people how to play wind and string instruments as well as choral singing techniques while increasing their joy and motivation through exposure to classical music. In 2013, 90 students participated in activities held once a week in the neighborhood.

Young people from the Paraisópolis neighborhood of São Paulo play in a junior orchestra.

Brazil: Honda Social ProjectEducation

Honda South America is implementing a Honda Social Project at the traffic safety education center in the city of Recife. We launched this initiative in 2007 for the purpose of enabling young people to get a job and enjoy a healthy social lifestyle. By offering courses in automotive mechanics, we are providing opportunities for young people aged 17-19 to learn a profession that has a high employment rate, income and participation in society. Fourteen people attended classes during 2013.

Honda Social Project at the traffic safety education center

Brazil: Pursuing a traffic safety initiative targeting elementary school studentsTraffic Safety

Honda South America offers a traffic safety education program for elementary school students. The activity begins with associates volunteering to explain traffic rules and manners using models. Then, participants actually experience how to conduct themselves in an area that recreates city streets. In 2013, we handed out 11,500 sets of learning materials (including a pamphlet and traffic safety game), while 2,500 children participated in the program. Going forward, the company will continue to work to promote traffic safety education for children.

Students learn about traffic safety in a miniature city that recreates actual city streets.

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