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Brazil: Pursuing environmental projects in the communityEnvironment

Honda South America has been participating in the Eco Vida (“Eco Life”) project since 2000. The effort aims to increase environmental awareness among the people living in and around the Amazon basin and to raise awareness of the importance of natural resources and environmental protection so that a better Earth can be left to the next generation. Local residents gather in schools to participate in a variety of environment-related recreational activities, including races using traditional wooden canoes. In 2012, associates visited communities along the Manacapuru River in Brazil’s Amazonas state, where they participated in environmental protection- and sustainability-themed activities.

Participants hold a race using traditional wooden boats fitted with engines.

Brazil: Holding a junior orchestra in Parais polisEducation

Honda South America has held a music-related project in Paraisópolis, the second-largest favela (shanty town) in São Paulo, since March 2011. The project aims to teach young people how to play wind and string instruments as well as choral singing techniques while increasing their joy and motivation through exposure to classical music. In 2012, 90 students participated in activities held four times a week in the neighborhood.

Young people from the Paraisópolis neighborhood of São Paulo play in a junior orchestra.

Brazil: Pursuing a traffic safety initiative targeting elementary school studentsTraffic Safety

Honda South America offers a traffic safety education program for elementary school students. The activity begins with associates volunteering to explain traffic rules and manners using models. Then, participants actually experience how to conduct themselves in an area that recreates city streets. In 2012, the company held the activity 25 times and gave students 38,800 sets of learning materials (including a pamphlet and traffic safety game). Going forward, the company will continue to work to promote traffic safety education for children.

Students learn about traffic safety in a miniature city that recreates actual city streets.

Argentina: Chain of HelpCommunity

In Argentina, Honda South America conducts an activity known as Chain of Help at kindergartens and other facilities attended by associates’ children with the goal of fostering Honda associates’ sense of solidarity and aiding in the growth of their children. Some 150 associates and 180 kindergarten students participated on the day of the program, which was launched in 2012. Associates’ families participated in a “morning circus” featuring magic and games in a decorated room as well as experimental workshops, surprise games, and other activities. The program also provides school learning materials and children’s books. Going forward, the company plans to hold the event once every year.

Associates’ families participate in the Chain of Help program.

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