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Spain: Repairing a shelter for poor childrenCommunity

Each year, associates at Honda Automóviles España spend the anniversary of the company’s founding by making repairs to a home for disadvantaged children. On this year’s anniversary in March 2012, all 65 of the company’s associates completed repairs to a children’s home in Barcelona in order to help disadvantaged children aged 3 to 16. Associates came together to make various improvements at the facility, including by painting children’s rooms, the dining room, the building’s outside walls, and benches; cleaning up the facility’s park; and setting up a new television and furniture in its rec room.
Activities carried out on the anniversary of the company’s founding are based on Honda’s vision of “Striving to Be a Company Society Wants to Exist.” They not only bring joy to the children’s home, but also provide a valuable opportunity for all associates to contribute to their local community through their own actions.

Associates make repairs at a children’s home.

Poland: Hosting a children’s health event on Children’s DayCommunity

In May 2012, Honda Poland joined with members of Honda’s VFR Motorcycle Club to host an event on Children’s Day to cheer up sick children. The event, which the company has been holding since 2009, was motivated by a desire to help the children forget their illness for a short period of time by assisting in a children’s health program run by the VFR Club.
At the event, seriously ill children played together and had fun at a variety of Honda booths, where they practiced on a riding trainer (a motorcycle traffic safety device), competed for prizes, and rode motorcycles decorated with manga characters.

Children enjoy rides on motorcycles at the event in May 2012.

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