China (Inner Mongolia): Holding a tree-planting project in Inner MongoliaEnvironment

Honda has been pursuing a tree-planting project known as the Joyful Forest Project in Hebei Province and in the Horqin Desert in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region since 2000. During Phase 1 of the tree-planting project, which took place during the five-year period from 2008 to 2012, volunteers planted 700,000 seedlings on about 467 hectares in the area near Youyi Dam in Xinghe County of Ulanqab, a prefecture-level city in Inner Mongolia. In July 2012, the final activity of Phase 1 of the project was held in Inner Mongolia with 200 participants, including 160 associates of 14 Honda joint ventures in China, 30 members of the media, and representatives of Tongji University, which won Honda’s China Eco Mileage Challenge in 2011.
A new five-year joint tree-planting project will begin in 2013. The number of participating joint ventures has increased from 14 to 16, and Honda will provide a total of RMB 20 million in funds from 2013 to 2017 to plant trees on about 69.4 hectares of land along National Highway 110.

Associates dig dirt to build an embankment and carefully plant seedlings one at a time.

A field before the tree-planting project (2007)

The same field after the project (2012)

China (Guangzhou): Holding the Honda China Eco Mileage Challenge Fuel Economy ContestEducation

In November 2012, the 6th Honda China Eco Mileage Challenge Fuel Economy Contest was held by Honda’s China Headquarters at the Guangdong International Circuit. Participants in the contest compete to see whose team can travel the farthest on 1 liter of gasoline at the event, which aims to provide an opportunity to affirm the importance of using energy resources effectively, raise awareness of the need to conserve the environment, and experience the joy of manufacturing. Starting in 2011, the contest has included an electric vehicle division in which teams compete to see which can travel the greatest distance during a fixed amount of time using batteries as the only power source.
A total of 128 teams entered the 2012 contest. The gasoline division was won by Donfeng Honda (WDHAC), whose team posted the second-highest distance ever at 1,917 kilometers per liter.
Honda in China will continue to support young people as they strive to improve technology in the future. The company plans to take advantage of this contest to promote technology in the country, where hybrid and electric vehicles are expected to enjoy widespread use in the coming years.

The WDHAC team is recognized as the event’s overall winner.

The vehicle used by Beijing Information Science & Technology University won the Technical Award and the Design Award.

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