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Since the company's foundation, Honda has sought to contribute to society by creating quality products and technologies while coexisting harmoniously with the communities that host its operations. In the 1960s, while the company was still in a period of early growth, Honda began to launch philanthropic initiatives designed to strengthen ties with local communities.
We actively encourage the autonomy of its local operations,especially. We also strive to undertake initiatives that reflect local circumstances in our corporate activities overseas. We seek to share joy while communicating with customers and local residents in a total of six regions, including Japan.
We at Honda will continue to act as a company society wants to exist by pursuing various philanthropic initiatives.

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Our fundamental approach

Honda has pursued a variety of group-wide philanthropic activities in order to pass down a rich natural environment and a safe transportation-oriented society to the next generation. The basic principles and global directions that guide Honda's philanthropic initiatives serve as the foundation for these efforts. Based on community initiatives, Honda will continue to take advantage of its unique management resources to step up group-wide efforts in the areas of education, the environment and traffic safety and help create a future society in which everyone can pursue their dreams.

Honda philanthropy: Vision

Honda enriches the joy with people around the world through socially responsible activities in accordance with the Honda Philosophy of respect for the individual and the Three Joys. Ultimately, it is our desire that society will want Honda to exist in every community.

Honda philanthropy: Basic principles

  • As a company with a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to contributing to the well-being of local communities around the world through our products and technologies.
  • As a good corporate citizen, we will deepen our commitment to all local communities where we do business.
  • We will contribute to the nurturing of a society where caring and energetic individuals actively participate in socially responsible activities.

Global directions

Striving to create a future society in which everyone can pursue their dreams, Honda shall:

  • Support educating our youth for the future
  • Work to preserve global environments
  • Promote traffic safety through education and training

Areas of philanthropic initiatives

【TOPICS 1】From Community Forests to Honda Woods
Forests start to undergo an evolution that will please everyone

In keeping with the view of founder Soichiro Honda that no concrete walls should be built to separate local communities from the grounds of Honda facilities, Honda launched its Community Forests initiative in 1976. The program involved planting trees indigenous to the region at each facility in Japan, with the objective of cultivating forests to serve in place of walls.

But the Community Forests had their problems. For example, growth exceeded initial expectations with trees projecting into facilities or outside the premises, obstructing passage, and large quantities of leaves accumulating in the vicinity.

A decision was consequently made to switch from our original policy of managing the forests like groves of sacred shrines, in other words leaving them as untouched as possible, to a policy based on satoyama practices involving hands-on cultivation to create sustainable forests that are full of vitality.

And so in 2014, a new phase is underway as we instigate a “Satoyoma Approach” to forest cultivation, adopting traditional Japanese satoyama ideas, and look to create forests that are unique to Honda.

Our aim is to create sustainable forests that are resilient to change and which will prosper alongside the local community. We have named these forests that will bring happiness to people and the community, “Honda Woods.” Ideally people will come together to cultivate Honda Woods and enjoy them as a place of recreation and relaxation.

Honda plans to implement projects such as this, addressing both the environment and the next generation to enable sharing of joys with the local community, in six regions worldwide, including Japan.

Artist's conception of Honda Woods

【TOPICS 2】U.S. Government and U.S.-Japan Council
Collaborate on U.S.-Japan Cultural Exchange Program

Launch of TOMODACHI Honda Cultural Exchange Program - Experiential Cultural Exchange Between U.S. and Japanese Students Kicks Off in 2015 -

As part of its social activities, Honda is supporting the TOMODACHI Initiative being led by the United States government and the U.S.-Japan Council, a Public Interest Corporation (Koeki Zaidan Hojin). As one of the initiative's Strategic Partners, Honda is operating the TOMODACHI Honda Cultural Exchange Program during the three-year period between 2015 and 2017 to promote exchanges between the next generation of Japanese and American leaders.

As a test run ahead of the official start of the program in 2015, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (Headquarters: Torrance, California), which is the Presenting Sponsor of the 2014 Rose Parade, made it possible for former TOMODACHI program students in Southern California to participate in the 2014 parade. Students joined with American Honda Motor in the parade and carried the banner, where they conveyed a message of gratitude for the kind reconstruction assistance given to Japan by the American people after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Honda's program in 2015 will invite music and other students to Los Angeles from the disaster-affected region of Tohoku. It will allow them to experience the traditions and culture of the United States in order to foster the young leaders of the next generation and develop cultural exchange between the two countries.

* Detailed application guidelines for participation in the first year of the program in 2015 will be announced when available.

Through this program, Honda will be guided by the corporate slogan “The Power of Dreams” as it forges friendships and mutual understanding between the people of the United States and Japan, and continues to carry out next generation development activities to inspire the young to build their dreams and strengthen hope for the future.

TOMODACHI Honda Cultural Exchange Program

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