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Functional and futuristic, sporty but elegant - the interior of the CR-Z makes driving truly enjoyable.

Featuring a low driving position thanks to the low hood, the cockpit offers the driver comfort, a feeling of security, and the superior sense of control that the low vehicle height and compact body make possible.
The low seat is specially designed for comfort, gently gripping the driver for easy access to the steering wheel, gear stick and pedals. The high-curvature windshield and front pillars placed toward the rear allow for superior visibility and peace of mind during cornering

Low driving position for sporty driving

During sporty driving, the lower hip point and reduced hip-heel point differential allows the seat to provide a firmer grip and gives the driver enhanced access to the steering wheel and pedals for superior vehicle control. Thanks to its low hood, the CR-Z offers the driver a hip point 30 mm lower than that of the 2009 Civic Type R.* At the same time, the higher heel point results in an overall lower sitting position.

For enhanced steering control, the steering wheel angle is set so that the shoulders remain against the seat during higher-G cornering,

* Honda calculations.

Driving Position

Driving Position * Japanese Version

High-curvature windshield for best forward visibility of any Honda automobile

The high-curvature windshield and placement of the slenderized front pillars toward the rear results in excellent diagonal visibility during cornering, the best forward visibility of any Honda automobile* and enhanced peace of mind.
In addition, high-curvature door mirrors provide excellent diagonal rearward visibility.

* Honda calculations

Front Window

Front Window * Japanese Version

Side Mirror Viewing Field Image

Side Mirror Viewing Field Image * Japanese Version

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