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Fifth Generation (1991)
The most striking feature of the fifth-generation Civic was it futuristic aerodynamic form, with flexible interior space to suit the specific requirements of young people. The new series also heralded the arrival of new VTEC engine variations to provide an excellent mix of driving performance and high fuel efficiency. These included the 170-horsepower DOHC VTEC, the ultrahigh fuel efficiency VTEC-E and a high-balance VTEC. The new cars represented a major advancement in human and environmental friendliness, with enhanced safety features and a high proportion of recyclable components. The fifth-generation Civic received “Car of the Year Japan” awards in 1991 and 1992.

Sixth Generation (1995)
Transcending its traditional “car for the masses” appeal, the sixth-generation Civic sought to become a vehicle that represents the times from a global perspective. It incorporated a range of new technologies to satisfy strong demand for high performance, safety and low emissions. These included the 3-stage VTEC engine, boasting high output and high fuel efficiency and Honda Multimatic, a next-generation, variable-speed automatic transmission. Consequently, the Civic received “Car of the Year Japan” awards in 1995 and 1996.


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