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The New 2006 Civic
From fall 2005 to mid-2006, the Civic will undergo its first full model change in five years. Naturally, the new Civic will incorporate “advanced, leading edge technologies,” as it has always done in the past. In addition, it will feature models tailored to the specific characteristics of its various regional markets. In other words, the new Civic will be better suited to each local market than ever before.

In the United States, the series will include the ever-popular two- and fourdoor models, providing excellent driving comfort and fuel economy thanks to a new engine, and improved safety performance. Honda will build a stronger sales foundation and strive to enhance the Civic’s appeal to younger customers.

In Europe, where competition in the compact car market is intense, Honda will broaden its presence by introducing a fivedoor model, for which demand remains strong. Moreover, the sporty look of the current model, which is very popular, will be further highlighted in an effort to attract younger drivers. The new Civic series will also feature an original Honda-developed diesel engine that has already proved highly popular in its Accord and CR-V models. As the market for diesel-powered vehicles continues to expand in Europe, Honda will increase its profile accordingly. In Japan and elsewhere in Asia, Honda will rejuvenate the Civic’s image by providing new visual features that closely reflect regional characteristics.

In 2006, Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., an affiliate based in Wuhan, China, will begin producing the new Civic, as well. It will be positioned as a mainstay model following the success of the Accord, Odysey , Fit series and CR-V, which have together underscored Honda’s brand image in China. As a result, the Civic will be produced in six regions worldwide, further highlighting its presence as a truly global car.

All of the new Civic models worldwide will feature newly developed engines that deliver performance equivalent to larger engines, but with the fuel efficiency of smaller engines—thereby taking performance and efficiency to a new level.

The Future for the Civic and Honda

According to the original development team of the Civic, “We were committed to creating a car that made people smile. We knew that we could deliver a good product to our customers if we could convey our beliefs with strong conviction. The Civic enabled us to achieve our quest.” Honda’s concept of “a car for all people, a car for the world” has been truly incorporated in the Civic, which has advanced together with the changing needs of the times and consistently provided new levels of value to customers worldwide.

In the early stages of the new century, the world is facing a mixture of both accelerating globalization and more distinctive regional attributes. Starting from the autumn of 2005, the Civic will undergo its first full model change in the 21st century. It will take a giant leap forward in meeting the increasingly diverse needs of customers as it evolves into a “car for the global citizen that reflects the times and regional values.”

As the times change, the values people expect from their products also change. Both Honda and the products we make will continue to advance in order to pursue new values. Together with the reborn Civic, Honda will continue to grow in the years to come.
Civic Concept (five-door European model)

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