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Frame & Chassis

Body Dimensions and Positioning of Components

The dimensions of the bike have been set to deliver honest, reassuring handling and agility.

To achieve this, we utilized the newly developed compact engine to achieve a wheel base of 1410mm (CB500X: 1420), a caster angle of 25.5° (CB500X: 26.5°) and a seat height of 785mm (CB500X: 810mm).

We concentrated mass by positioning heavy items near the bike's centre of gravity, and by optimizing weight distribution fore and aft were able to achieve a high degree of stability and agility.

By optimizing the position and shape of the engine mount and the frame rigidity balance, we were able to make the bike more lightweight and deliver reassuringly honest handling at the same time as reducing unpleasant bike vibration.

CBR500R, CB500F, CB500X Demensions

Front Suspension

The upright telescopic front suspension with an inner tube diameter of 41mm optimizes the rigidity balance with the frame.

Securing a suspension stroke of 120mm (CB500X: +20mm) delivers a soft but firm ride and gives a strong sense of connection with the road when on the move.

Front Suspention

Front Suspention
(The Photo Shows the Prototype)

Rear Suspension

Optimizing the ratio on the rear Pro-Link suspension delivers powerful road adhesion and contributes to the lightening of suspension weight and the concentration of mass.

We have also used a 9-stage preload adjuster which makes it possible to adjust the suspension to a rider's preference or when riding tandem.

The length of the rear swing arm is 564mm. Its 70×30mm square cross-section pipe delivers high rigidity as well as appropriate toughness.

Pro-Link Suspension

Pro-Link Suspension
(The Photo Shows the Prototype)

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