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Frame & Chassis

Our development target for the frame and chassis was to achieve a high-level fusion of flexibility and rigidity. This was to involve concentrating mass while satisfying basic operational functions, imparting a 'sporty' feel that is evident the moment you straddle the bike, achieving controllability and the optimum body size and dimensions for a broad spectrum of users, from the novice to the veteran, to experience the unique fun of riding a motorcycle and enjoy using the bike in daily life, for touring or for sports riding.

Frame CG

Frame CG


In order to deliver gentle and straightforward handling on a bike powered by a satisfyingly responsive lightweight and compact engine that delivers power across the range from the low-to high-rpm range, the frame that supports the engine has to be lightweight but sufficiently rigid to facilitate Sports riding. By adopting a diamond-shaped φ35mm steel tube mainframe, the finished article was approximately 15kg lighter than comparable machines, and therefore that much easier to maneuver.

Meanwhile, because there is an appropriate degree of yield in the rigid steel tubes of the frame, it responds lithely to constant changes in the road surface, parrying gaps and feeding back road information to the rider, allowing him or her to take a freer line. Agreeable vibration from the engine enhances the sense of a quality ride.

Also, by optimizing the shape of the rear shock attachment components, we have been able to draw out the maximum performance from the pro-Link suspension.

Moreover, by keeping the seat attachment section of the frame on a par with that of 250cc class bikes, the seat height has been set at 785mm, a good height to keep the ground within easy reach of a rider's feet.

Pro-Link Suspension CG

Pro-Link Suspension CG

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