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CBR500R (Sports Concept)


High-grade all-round sports bike with a full cowl that gives a premonition of the ride and enables natural riding. For a wide spectrum of users who give serious consideration to a balance of function and price and want to take a step up to the large motorcycle that they have long coveted on which to enjoy different environments, from urban streets to winding roads, as well as sports riding.



The design keyword for the CBR500R is "FUSION"

  • The fusion of comfortable position and aggressive style
  • The fusion of CBR series tradition icon and modern styling
  • The fusion of design that shows off the engine's powerful form and a full cowl
  • The fusion of glamorous power and relaxed riding position

We gave serious consideration to practicality and how to relay the duality of the bike's being an aggressive full-cowl Sports bike that is also easy to use about town, and opted in the end for a slim, sporty exterior that does not call practicality to mind, but which provides a keynote over which to condense each simple and compact part, resulting in a refined, high-quality design that imparts a sense of the bike's easy handling.

CBR500R Styling Design Sketch

CBR500R Styling Design Sketch

Riding Position

The CBR500R is a high-quality next generation all-round full-cowl Sports bike that is just the right size to be ridden without worrying about its Sports credentials. Its riding position will encourage the broad spectrum of users who want to take a step up from their current bike to enjoy riding around town, on winding roads or to indulge in some Sports riding.

Concretely, the seat height is set at 785mm, which is standard for Sports models. By making the seat shape one that facilitates leg movement, putting a foot on the ground is simple.

Compared to conventional Sports models, the position of the handlebar creates space for knees and arms, giving greater riding freedom.

Riding Position (CBR500R)

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