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CB500X (CrossOver Concept)


A lightweight, easy-to-handle crossover model that will stir up a sense of adventure in grown-up riders, from entry level to veteran, who will find its upright riding position and on-off image ideal for one day touring.



The keyword, or key phrase, for the CB500X is "Feel The Adventure Form." We propose a new crossover design for active riders who seek the "unexpected" in their lifestyle.

The bike's refined, urban and powerful design arouses a sense of adventure inspired by the Crosstourer, the top-end, V4-engine powered Crossover series model. It stems from a distinct, classless design concept that matches the bike's compact and lightweight body.

The design objective was to give an easily understandable, fresh expression to the key phrase "Feel the adventure form." In order to achieve this, the following concrete design elements were chosen: WILD, TOUGH and UNBREAKABLE.

  • Refined wild and dynamic design that arouses a sense of adventure
  • Design that expresses the 'lightness' and 'strength' of the main component parts of the truss frame, etc.
  • Solid design expressing the effectiveness of the bike's functional protectors

We condensed these design elements into the bike's compact body in pursuit of an easy-to-handle, attractive, advanced design befitting of a grown-up, next generation lightweight Crossover model.

CB500X Styling Design Sketch

CB500X Styling Design Sketch

Riding Position

Our focus for the riding position on the CB500X was to maximise freedom of movement and facilitate enjoyable natural riding. Also, given that it is designed for use in variety of environments and situations, from urban to off-road, the bike has a cross-over feel.

Concretely, the upright handlebar naturally accommodates the considerable variations in the physical size of our customers around the world and the shape and height of the seat gives increased rider freedom. Altogether, it is an unrestricted riding position that gives grown-up riders what they want: easy handling, the ability to cover ground and a sense of stability.

Riding Position (CB500X)

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