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CB500F (Naked Concept)


A naked, mainly entry level sports bike with a simple but individualistic and advanced design that delivers a convenient means of daily transport that is easy to ride thanks to its easy-to-manage chassis weight, dextrous handling and low seat position.



The keyword, or key phrase, for the design of the CB500F is "Modern & European Sport Naked Style." Being a naked model, the bike's powerful frame supports the functional beauty of its engine. To enhance its individuality we gave it dynamic, throbbing proportions and although practical aspects of the bike's character were always given due consideration, we went for a slim design that gives a glimpse of what the future holds. The high degree of freedom offered by the bike's riding position is a example of what will constitute the next generation naked model.

CB500F Styling Design Sketch

CB500F Styling Design Sketch

Riding Position

The riding position on the CB500F makes it easy to manoeuvre about town. Our focus was on handling and ease of control, ensuring for example that it is easy to get a foot on the ground. At the same time, the bike imparts a sense of the radical individuality of a naked Sports bike.

Concretely, it is the shape and width of the seat that makes it easy to get a foot on the ground. Also, its radical flat-type handlebar contributes to the bike's individual character and provides the space for arms and knees that is needed to deliver its easy handling characteristics.

Riding Position (CB500F)

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