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Front face and upper cowl

A distinctive Y-shaped headlight brings to life a front face befitting Honda's new-generation sport bike by combining the headlight unit with separate, left/right position lights featuring a wide spread, ensuring high visibility from other motorists.

In addition, the left/right side air outlets provided on the upper cowl boost the turning ability of the vehicle body while directing a proper amount of the wind from riding toward the rider.

Front face and upper cowl image

Middle cowl and under cowl

The middle cowl expresses a simple yet beautiful surface design and brings an aerodynamic feel, while taking on a high-efficiency air management function that aims to achieve both high cooling performance and low Cd value. The under cowl structure leads the wind from riding directly to the engine and the catalyzer in order to boost cooling performance. Its design makes it look integrated with the engine and muffler to highlight the functional beauty of the lower portion of the vehicle body.

Middle cowl and under cowl image
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