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Riding position

The riding position takes into account the body size and shape of customers from a global standpoint to broaden the range of riders to include people of small and large stature, so that as many people as possible can fully enjoy the bike. Furthermore, a sporty riding position that is stress-free and makes it easier to handle the bike was realized by considering how people use bikes in various countries, including touring from a congested urban area over highways to suburban areas and taking a sports ride on a winding road. The seat has realized an easy reach to the ground that provides a sense of security through optimization of its hardness and shape. By not hindering the movement of the rider or passenger, the functional shape allows them to enjoy even a long ride in comfort and ease.

Frame dimensions and parts placement

With the CBR250R, we aimed at straightforward handling that is agile and yet provides a sense of security. Toward that end, agility and high turning performance were obtained by employing a newly developed compact engine, shortening the wheelbase, and optimizing the front-rear weight distribution while concentrating heavy components at the vehicle's center of gravity. At the same time, weight reduction, straightforward handling with a sense of security, and reduced vehicle vibration were achieved by optimizing the position of the engine mount and the frame rigidity balance.

Riding position/dimension image

Riding position/dimension

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