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Our development objectives for the frame and chassis include fusing flexibility with a rigid feel at a high level through mass centralization and satisfying the sporty feel a rider gets the moment they mount the bike. Development also aimed to provide a basic riding performance that covers body size, dimensions, driving stability, and riding position; these factors were optimized for riders of all kinds from beginners to experienced riders so that they can feel the fun of maneuvering -a fundamental element of motorcycle riding. A rider should be able to use the bike casually in everyday life, go touring at times, and enjoy a sporty ride at other times.

More specific objectives included the following:

  • A frame that will realize agile handling and steady maneuverability characteristics as a 250cc full-cowl sport model
  • A sporty riding position that takes into account a level of comfort and ease of handling that will satisfy customers around the world
  • A secure suspension capable of supporting the ride that the rider wants and maximizing bike performance
  • The first introduction in its class of Combined ABS, which provides customers with a sense of security
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Frame layout

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