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Front cowl

Introducing wind to cool the engine and perform highly-efficient air management, the side cowl and lower cowl that constitute the front cowl have an intricately worked surface shape to allow truly nimble handling.
As a power accent on the simple cowl design, the vertical slit inherited from its predecessors built into the side cowl gives a feeling of tension in the overall styling. And the chin spoiler formed as a single unit on the front cowl allows exquisite airflow control, to improve handling even further.

Chin spoiler

Layer cowl

This cowl has a new layered configuration of an outer cowl with a wide open slit and a rigid inner cowl extending from the bottom to the top.
The cowl ensures a large opening to significantly increase a rider's comfort and riding comfort. Cowl weight is reduced, rigidity is ensured, and a dynamic form is created.

Exhaust port shape
Exhaust port layout

Rear cowl

The rear cowl has an extremely distinctive overhang to the right and left, offering up a sporty rear view.


For the cover, the lines moving from the sides to the top on the left and right are emphasized, making edges more effective for a sharp feel.

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