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To make a super sports model that is even easier to handle for even more fun sports riding, the PGM-DSFI settings were revisited. Specifically, when the throttle starts to open from fully closed in roads conditions such as when riding on winding roads, cornering at low speeds or riding on steep banks, the settings were changed for even greater road-holding feel for the rear tyre.
Thanks to extensive analysis of real situations, the new CBR1000RR achieves particular controllability at a throttle opening angle of one-quarter or less. Changes in output for different throttle openings have been precisely adjusted, resulting in refined output characteristics and improved throttle operation.
Moreover, for traction performance, changes in output have been set very small in the early stages of throttle operation, and to gradually grow larger when opening the throttle further. As a result, the engine is able to respond to the rider's intentions, realizing easy maneuverability and linear acceleration performance in a variety of conditions.

Output characteristics for all throttle opening angle image
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