Evolution of ASIMO :

Evolution of ASIMO

ASIMO (2005)

Autonomous Continuous Movement

ASIMO can maneuver toward its destination without stopping, by comparing any deviation between the input map information and the information obtained about the surrounding area from its floor surface sensor.

ASIMO's Environment Identifying Sensor


Visual Sensor :
Reads the contour characteristics taken from continuous images of the eye camera (camera with high dynamic range) to distinguish a person, and evaluates the reliability from the contextual data to identify the object accurately as a person.

Ground Sensor :
A sensing system consisting of a laser sensor and an infrared sensor. The laser sensor detects the ground surface and any obstacles two meters from its feet, while the infrared sensor identifies the floor makings by adjusting the shutter speed according to brightness. The differences are corrected according to the robot's map information.

Ultrasonic Sensor :
The sonic wave sensors detect obstacles three meters ahead, including glass that the visual sensor cannot detect.

Correcting Its Own Position

ASIMO corrects its own positions without stopping based on information obtained from the sensors as it walks and the pre-memorized map information.

Identifying Obstacles

ASIMO selectively uses its multiple sensors based on its own judgment, and adjusts the sensitivity of the sensors according to the surrounding circumstances in order to consistently identify obstacles.

Identifying Obstacles

ASIMO, avoiding a person ahead

Automatic Detour Function

When its ground sensor or the visual sensor on its head identifies an obstacle, ASIMO selects a different route using its own judgment.


(1) Establishes the shortest route from the origin to the destination.


(2) Diverts to an alternative route when it finds an obstacle on the shortest route it established.


(3) When it finds an obstacle on its alternative route, it diverts to another alternative route.

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