Walking Technology 1.
Evolution of Walking Technology 1.
Research on Human Walking

In studying the fundamental principles of two-legged walking, Honda researched both human and other forms of walking, performed numerous experiments and collected an immense amount of data. Based on this research, Honda established fast-walking technology just like a human's.
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Walking Technology 2.
Evolution of Walking Technology 2.
Achieving Stable Walking

Issues to be address in order to achieve stable walking...

· Not falling down even when the floor is uneven.
· Not falling down even when pushed.
· Being able to walk stable on stairs or slopes.
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Walking Technology 3.
Evolution of Walking Technology 3.
Advances in Humanoid Robots

After establishing the two-legged walking technology, work was begun on combining an upper torso with the legs and developing humanoid robot technology. Studies were carried out to determine what a humanoid robot should be like to function in society and in a human living environment, and a prototype model of almost human size was completed.
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