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July 6, 2008

ASIMO Demonstrates Latest Abilities In Indonesia

Indonesia, July - During the 16th Indonesia International Motor Show 2008, PT Honda Prospect Motor organized a special performance by the world's first humanoid robot, ASIMO. For the event, ASIMO demostrated many of its latest abilities, including running in circular path which was shown for the first time in Asia & Oceania outside its home in Japan.

ASIMO Demonstrates Latest Abilities In Indonesia

Yukihiro Aoshima, President Director of HPM commented, "ASIMO is the manifestation of the theme "Life &Technology in Perfect Harmony" used by Honda for this year's motor show. ASIMO is one of Honda's ultimate technological achievement which was created to be a friend and assistant to human being. This very same philosophy is also applied to the creation of all Honda products."

Besides running in a circle, ASIMO demonstrated other abilities such as walking forwards and backwards at various speeds, carrying a tray, and dancing and interacting with people. Throughout the 10 days of the motor show, ASIMO performed three times a day and succeeded to grab the attention of visitors. At each of the shows, visitors packed the Honda booth making ASIMO the most eagerly awaited performance during the whole event.

ASIMO Demonstrates Latest Abilities In Indonesia

Beside performing a regular show, ASIMO also met with Indonesian Minister of Research and Technology, during a talkshow about robotic technology which was organized within Honda booth during the motor show. The talkshow itself was attended by hundreds of high school students and telecasted via video conference to three schools in three different cities in Indonesia. ASIMO was brought to the talkshow as a sample of the most advanced robotic technology in the world today.

Aoshima also added, "ASIMO visit in Indonesia was intended to entertain, as well as educate and inspire Indonesian people to pursue their dreams in creating innovation that is useful for our life. " The 16th Indonesia International Motor Show was organized on July 11 to 20 in Jakarta.

ASIMO Demonstrates Latest Abilities In Indonesia

As a part of "ASIMO World Tour", while in Indonesia, ASIMO also visited other places, which enabled this robot to interact with various people and show different abilities. Before performing in Motor Show, on July 3, ASIMO met with children who are treated in Gading Pluit Hospital, Jakarta. There, ASIMO performed as an assistance to the hospital's doctor and nurses in carrying the tray containing medicines for the patience and interact with the patients.

Afterward on July 6, ASIMO made friends with more than 1,000 children from Kandank Jurank Doank 'nature' school. Kandank Jurank Doank is a non-formal school that teaches children the close relation between life and environment. During the show, which was also attended by many journalists and local celebrities, ASIMO entertained the children by showing some of its sophisticated moves including kicking a footbal, conducting aerobic gestures, and dancing.

ASIMO Demonstrates Latest Abilities In Indonesia

At the end of the Indonesian visit, ASIMO flew to the city of Surabaya, East Java, where it performed the first ever show outside Indonesian capital of Jakarta. Here, ASIMO was also eagerly greeted by both children and adults, who swarmed the venue where ASIMO was performed for three days, from July 25 to 27.

ASIMO Demonstrates Latest Abilities In Indonesia

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