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March 26, 2004

A visit to Spain

On a tour of Europe that took in six countries including Germany and the Czech Republic, ASIMO also visited the Science Museum in Barcelona, Spain on 26th March.
Here, ASIMO demonstrated yet again the wonders of science and technology.

A visit to Spain

Greeting the people of Spain

On Friday, 26th March, ASIMO visited the Science Museum in Barcelona, Spain.

The robot was received with warm applause as he demonstrated his particular walking and stair climbing skills. The Honda developer who took part in the demonstration in Spain explained to the visitors that 'ASIMO's greatest responsibility is to share the environment of human beings and play a role in actually helping humanity', while ASIMO demonstrated his own particular technologies.

A visit to Spain
A visit to Spain
A visit to Spain

The events were hosted over a period of four days, and ASIMO gave four demonstrations per day. A total of 2,400 people, comprising media representatives, scientists, students and local residents, visited the museum during the event period, and ASIMO's visit was reported on 20 television programs as well as in a wide range of other media.

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