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ASIMO Activity
October 31 - 21, 2003

Activities at APEC in Thailand

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit was held in Bangkok, Thailand during this time. ASIMO joined an exhibition called "APEC Investment Mart 2003 ", which was held October 16th to October 21st alongside APEC, to introduce members of APEC and economic activities within the regions. ASIMO received huge amounts of attention at this event.

Activities at APEC in Thailand

VIP in Thailand, too?

Companies and organizations from inside and outside Thailand exhibited with the purpose of reenergizing economic activities at the "APEC Investment Mart 2003", held alongside APEC, with visiting leaders from all over the world. This is the second year since ASIMO started visiting Thailand in July 2002. Since then, ASIMO has been active in various ways appropriate to the activities of APEC, whose purpose is regional economic development.

At the HONDA booth in the "APEC Investment Mart 2003", ASIMO performed demonstrations and gathered passionate attention from visitors. His performance was introduced on TV, and the venue was full of people who wanted to see ASIMO on the following day.

Activities at APEC in Thailand
Activities at APEC in Thailand
Activities at APEC in Thailand

ASIMO cooperates for the world record

ASIMO joined an event, the purpose of which was to make "The world's biggest paper house". The event was organized by a Thai printing association as one of the highlights of "APEC Investment Mart 2003". Its purpose was the promotion of Thailand's printing industry, and during the course of the event, a house was built out of 100% paper, without wood or iron. The completed house could contain 100 people at one time. ASIMO joined the celebrations as the house was built, and once completed, ASIMO entered the house with many people.

In Thailand, there is currently a movement proposing the use of paper instead of wood to preserve forests and build a society that has as low an impact on the environment as possible. Completing "The world's biggest paper house" demonstrated the advanced techniques of Thailand's printing industry. The biped robot ASIMO symbolizes advanced technology and people's dream coming true, and in cooperating with this event, ASIMO has strengthened even further ties with Thailand and Pacific Asia.

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