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ASIMO Activity
Czech Republic
August 16 - 22, 2003

Visiting the Czech Republic

ASIMO visited the Czech Republic between 16th and 22nd August, attending a dinner in Prague on 21st and excellently fulfiling the role of goodwill ambassador of Robots. In addition, ASIMO featured on national television, placed flowers at the bronze statue of the author Karel Capek at the National Museum, and was involved in many activities that gave opportunities to demonstrate the robot's high levels of technical ability.

Visiting the Czech Republic

With Prime Minister Koizumi

One of the purposes of ASIMO visiting the Czech Republic was to assist in deepening relationships between Japan and the Czech people. ASIMO was extremely active for a full week in order to achieve the aims and expectations of those who selected him for this visit.
On arrival in the Czech Republic, ASIMO visited Honda Czech Republic (HCR), Honda's local corporation, and gave a demonstration of the robot's abilities. ASIMO then visited Prague and met the Czech Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla at dinner, accompanying Japanese Premier Junichiro Koizumi as the 'Goodwill Ambassador for Robots'. ASIMO greeted guests at the dinner in Czech, and proposed a toast with a champagne glass in hand. There was a smile on everyone's face and a round of applause broke out when ASIMO announced 'I am still a child and therefore I cannot drink this'.

Visiting the Czech Republic
Visiting the Czech Republic
Visiting the Czech Republic

The father of Robots

ASIMO had another important task in visiting the Czech Republic – placing flowers on the memorial to the late Czech author Karel Capek. Capek first used the made-up word 'Robot' in one of his works, presented in 1920. The word 'Robot' has since become a term known and used throughout the world. For this reason, Capek is sometimes considered the father of robots. ASIMO presented chrysanthemum flowers to the Director of the Prague National Museum in honor of the now deceased Capek. Robots were once only the realm of science fiction. How astonished Capek would be if he could meet ASIMO. Within the atmosphere of anticipation that filled the National Museum, ASIMO performed a demonstration to the many visitors and media representatives gathered, and the robot's small white body seemed to capture the audience's dreams of the future.

ASIMO's role at the dinner and also the robot's appearance at the National Museum were widely taken up and featured in the Czech media. A special TV program about ASIMO was aired on the Czech national TV station, and ASIMO made headlines in the newspapers for several days in a row. The robot's role as Goodwill Ambassador for Robots successfully completed, ASIMO returned to Japan.

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